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The Real Cost of Ministry DVD

     The Real Cost of Ministry DVD

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The Real Cost of Ministry
These two young leaders in CMA have already discovered the real cost of ministry. Be encouraged as John Ogden, Jr. and Jerod McPherson share from the Scriptures what God really expects of us. You will be inspired to listen and hear God crying out for you to desire Him more than all of life.

Title 1: There is Nothing in it for Me!
John Ogden, Jr. reveals through the story of Joseph how we all must go through things if we are to see God's plan fulfilled in our lives and the lives of others. As ministers, evangelists, and witnesses we are the Priesthood and according to Numbers 18:20 God is our share and allotment and there is nothing else in it for us but God. You will be challenged to give back totally to Him what He has already bought and paid for...You!
Title 2: Love Equals Sacrifice
Jerod McPherson shares the Five Loves of a Pastor which apply to us all as witnesses for Christ. You will learn what it truly means to love as Christ loved. You will be challenged to ask yourself; "If I can't make time to be with God in prayer and meditation do I really love Him? Do I sacrifice anything at all to love God, my spouse and family, those I witness to, or my neighbor?"
  • Length of DVD - 80 Minutes
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