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Committed and Submitted DVD

     Committed and Submitted DVD

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Randal Tebeau, Southeast Region Evangelist, and John Ogden Sr., CEO/Chairman of the Board, share with us the principles and tools we need to become a submitted and committed Christian, totally yielded to God's authority and fully committed to a life lived out in His will.
Title 1 Spiritual Authority
Ever wonder what goes on at CMA National Leadership Conference? Hang on to your hat and don't be offended as Randal Tebeau pulls no punches with CMA Leadership as he charges them with our Biblical responsibility concerning Spiritual Authority. You will be led to examine yourself and shown how to get it right!
Title 2 Living for Jesus
Dying for Jesus; we all feel sure that we would, but how about living for Jesus? That, as we all know is infinitely harder! John Ogden, Sr. shows us step by step from the Scriptures how to live a life that produces the fruit of the Spirit. You will be inspired and challenged!
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