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Bible - Hope for the Highway

Bible - Hope for the Highway

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  • Hope for the Highway Bible
  • New International Version with Psalms and Proverbs
  • Bible measures 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"
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  • 50 Bibles to a Case


With well over three quarters of a million copies distributed, the CMA Hope for the Highway New Testament has become one of the most utilized implements in CMA's Tool Box. This newly released version has been refreshed with more heart breaking, soul stirring testimonies of addiction, out of control lifestyles, guilt, shame, and self-pleasure; each life transformed by the all-conquering, life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. This biker specific New Testament is a great tool in Changing the World One Heart at a Time. Be prepared to put this in the hands of the hurting and order your supply today.

Hope for the Highway Testimonies
Through Billy's lifestyle of violence, lawlessness, and drug addiction brought him to a very predictable place, locked up facing 165 years in prison. The ministry of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, God in His infinite mercy and grace transformed Billy's life. In Billy's own words; "If He can forgive me of heroin addiction, lying, stealing and the two children who died, I promise He will forgive you of the things you have done in your life."
John Jr
John lived a risky lifestyle of parties, alcohol and drugs. As his mother faithfully prayed in belief that he would become a mighty man of God, divine protection brought John through many potentially tragic accidents and incidents. Through it all God had a plan, and in his own crisis of faith, John finally yielded and dedicated his life anew to his Savior and Lord. In answer to his mother's prayers, as National Evangelist in the South Central Region for the Christian Motorcyclists Association, he has indeed become a mighty man of God.
Drugs haunted Beth's entire life from pre-teen, ruining her school days, cutting short her college and eventually ruining her nursing career. Desperate to support this diabolical drug habit, she eventually found herself selling her body to men she came to hate. Finally, finding herself depressed, alone and pregnant she felt wounded, broken, worthless and ready to take her own life. Through the soft gentle touch of a stranger, God called her to go home. She was shown genuine love from her family and the unconditional love of her Savior and today ministers to others beside her husband in Christian Motorcyclists Association South Africa using the healed scars of her past to be a blessing and encouragement to all.
Brought up in a comfortable, loving, and wholesome environment, Ramon was motorcycle crazy. Riding at age three, this obsession eclipsed every other interest in his life, including school. By age 16, his father recognized his talent and helped him embark on a racing career. Ramon was successful but his life revolved solely around his own desires and pleasures, using people to feed his addiction for self-satisfaction. The suicide of a close friend prompted him to take a good hard look at his life and what was important. Through another friend, he found a God that would completely fulfill the satisfaction he was so desperately seeking. Today Ramon serves in full-time motorcycle ministry as leadership in Christian Motorcyclists Association South Africa.
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