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Gift Development Series DVD YOUTH

      Gift Development Series DVD YOUTH


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Youth Gift Development Series
Presented by Jerod McPherson, Vice-President of Evangelistic Outreach
"The teenagers of this generation embody the potential for radical change in our communities and nation, and brave advancement for the Kingdom of God."
If we were still in the age of hula hoops, drive-in theaters, and the Beatles, this DVD would come in several volumes and be called the "Encyclopedia of CMA Youth Ministry." You could spend days researching on the internet and not discover all of the information that is packed into this hour long presentation. With a dozen menu options you can relax and absorb this material at your own pace. From identifying your calling, to step by step procedures for starting, growing, and promoting a Youth Movement in your area, and sources for new ideas and materials, this has it all. If you have even the slightest interest in ministry to Youth you will be educated, equipped, and blessed by this training.
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