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Gift Development Series DVD PRAYER

      Gift Development Series DVD PRAYER


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Prayer Gift Development Series
Presented by Becky Ogden, International Prayer Team Lead
"CMA believes that prayer is the key that unlocks the door to God's entire mighty miracle working power within our lives and on this earth. Prayer works. Prayer changes things. Prayer is the starting point of all true and lasting ministry."
Discover what it takes to be an effective prayer warrior. Take a look at the practical side of the CMA prayer ministry; what is expected of you and what you can expect from CMA. Learn about diversity in prayer, the three keys to effectual prayer, and the purpose of prayer. Come to recognize the subtle differences involved in prayer for believers versus non-believers. Menu options included so you can take your time and fully comprehend this in depth prayer study and the power it can have in your life and the life of others. You too can learn to be a great blessing through your prayer life!
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