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Life's Ride Plan: Adultery/Infidelity DVD

      Life's Ride Plan: Adultery/Infidelity DVD

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Through a special partnership between the Christian Motorcyclists Association and Hope for the Heart, we have put together a resource providing Biblical keys on the top issues we believe bikers face. Life's Ride Plan provides Scriptural answers on these areas of concern.
Presented by Kerry Gibson, Vice President of Ministry Development
Adultery, a life devastating tool of the devil seems to become more of an issue every day. This DVD, ably presented by Kerry Gibson (Vice President of Ministry Development) will reveal biblical truths to help you understand the causes, learn the steps to recovery or repentance, and know the warning signs so you too can survive or avoid this heartbreak. Be inspired by the transparency of Roger and Rayleen Wilson (National Evangelist North Central Region) as they lay bare their souls and give us a raw and gut wrenching look at both sides of this issue from the life threatening devastation to life changing restoration through the love of God.    SKU: TP-078
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