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LIfe's Ride Plan: Manipulation DVD

      LIfe's Ride Plan: Manipulation DVD

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Life's Ride Plan for 2015 is bigger and better than ever with increased content containing more informative material, personal stories and additional scriptural references. It is much more intimate as CMA staff members become fully transparent and give us a raw view of their struggles, heartbreaks, and convictions sharing what God has done for them in their darkest
and most vulnerable hours. 

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Through a special partnership between the Christian Motorcyclists Association and Hope for the Heart, we have put together a resource providing Biblical keys on the top issues we believe bikers face. Life's Ride Plan provides Scriptural answers on these areas of concern.
Presented by Jennifer McPherson, National-Youth Movement
Are you manipulated or a manipulator? We all seem to be involved in this little discussed, but all too common situation. We can manipulate or experience manipulation and not even be aware. Jennifer McPherson shares with us a wealth of information including how to recognize at least 12 methods of manipulation, discovering our misplaced dependencies, identifying key scriptures in moving away from manipulation, and how to expose the subtleness of spiritual manipulation.
Do we take control of the people and circumstances in our life to meet our needs for love, significance, and security? Or are we convinced that God loves us sacrificially and has promised to meet all our needs? Use this DVD to teach yourself and others to love with His love rather than use others in an attempt to gain the love, significance, and security only God can give you.
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