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Come Ride With US Brochure

Come Ride With US Brochure

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Product Description:

  • Full Color Brochure Designed to Invite and Encourage People to Visit Chapters and Rides.
  • Pack of 25 Brochures
  • Brochure has picture of a Highway Background with a CMA Full Color Logo and has "Come Ride With Us" in Blue Lettering and the CMA Web Site on the Bottom.
  • Inside of Brochure has "Come Ride With Us" and a Variety of photos of CMA in Action, Plus a Letter from John Ogden Sr Saying "CMA welcomes you to visit our chapters, hang out, ride, and have fun with us. We are sure you will find a place to belong and maybe even a deeper purpose for your life and motorcycle riding. So whether you ride a cruiser or sportbike, on or off road, motocross or ATV, we invite you to come ride with us!"
  • Back of the Brochure has a variety of photos of CMA bikers. Near the Bottom of the Back of the Brochure it has "We invite you to come take a ride with us. Find a chapter near you by visiting cmausa.org." 
  • The Back of the Brochure has a QR Code when Scanned will take a Person to the CMA National Web Site.
  • Perfect for Handing out at CMA Events or Places Where Motorcyclists gather.
SKU: TB-074
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