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Happy 40th Anniversary CMA DVD

       Happy 40th Anniversary CMA DVD

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40 Years of ministry...what an accomplishment! 40 Years in Pictures DVD: Enjoy the rich heritage of the Christian Motorcyclists Association as you check out this pictorial history of the ministry. See CMA'ers working, playing, and ministering together at National Rallies, secular rallies, and on special rides to special places with special friends. Old faces, young faces, new faces, familiar faces, maybe even some forgotten faces, and if you watch carefully enough maybe even your own face will make you smile as you enjoy this 1975-2015 CMA family album. Kind of like your Uncle's favorite vacation pictures only much, much better!
 40th Anniversary Articles CD-ROM: Through a special CMA 40th Anniversary series of monthly articles in the 2015 Heartbeat, we have endeavored to honor some people, chronicle the growth of the ministry, remember some major events and accomplishments, celebrate the souls won for the Kingdom, and above all praise God for His faithfulness to, preservation of, and provision for the Christian Motorcyclists Association. The enclosed CD-ROM contains these 12 articles in their entirety as published in the 2015 Heartbeat editions.
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