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Life's Ride Plan: Identity DVD

      Life's Ride Plan: Identity DVD

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Product Description:

Through a special partnership between the Christian Motorcyclists Association and Hope for the Heart, we have put together a resource providing Biblical keys on the top issues we believe bikers face. Life's Ride Plan provides Scriptural answers on these areas of concern.
Presented by Daniel Faulkner, Media Production Specialist
Supporting Story: Holly Ogden, Executive Ministry Support Manager 
Do you struggle with your identity? What is your real identity? Is your identity something you are born with? Is it changeable or is it permanent? Daniel Faulkner, Media Production Specialist, answers these and many more questions concerning our identity. He also takes a close look at our inner and outer identities and the difference between being identified with Adam or Jesus Christ. He will remind us of our new life in Christ with new characteristics, new freedom, new family, and our new inheritance. Holly Ogden shares her crisis of faith and relates how she discovered identity is not emotions. Become totally confident in who you are in Christ and walk out your new identity in Him!
SKU: TP-084 
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