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2016 National Rally Services DVD's

      2016 National Rally Services DVD's

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2016 National Rally Services on CMA's Iron Mountain. If you were unable to attend, don't miss a thing with these DVD's. Purchase Individual Services or the 2016 National Rally Set with all Services included!
  • Tuesday PM: John Ogden Sr., CEO/Chairman  SKU: TP-098-01
  • Wednesday AM: Peter Helgerson, National Evangelist-Northeast  SKU: TP-098-02
  • Wednesday PM: Roger Wilson, National Evangelist-North Central  SKU: TP-098-03
  • Thursday AM: Run for the Son Ministry Partners  SKU: TP-098-04
  • Thursday PM: John Ogden Sr., Run for the Son Award Presentations  SKU: TP-098-05
  • Friday AM: Kerry Gibson, Vice President  SKU: TP-098-06
  • Friday PM: Bluegrass Homecoming featuring Banjo Lady Rhea Ward / Kids for Christ  SKU: TP-098-07
  • Saturday AM: Randal Tebeau, National Evangelist-Southeast  SKU: TP-098-08
  • Saturday PM: John Ogden Jr., National Evangelist-South Central  SKU: TP-098-09
  • Sunday AM: Hiram Villasenor, National Evangelist-Rocky Mtn  SKU: TP-098-10
  • FULL SET: SKU: TP-098-11
SKU: TP-098
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