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CMA in Motion DVD

       CMA in Motion DVD

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This is a must have looped DVD that will play endlessly with 46 minutes of solid CMA happenings; perfect for your event booth or anywhere you desire background video and sound. Folks will be amused by the pictures and candid testimonies of "Why I love CMA" and inspired by major rally footage from places like Bikes, Blues, and Barbeque and Rolling Thunder. The awesome CMA Youth Movement ministry at Loretta Lynn's National Amateur Motocross Championship is truly impressive. "Riding for the Son" and "Thank You" music videos along with over 400 pictures from the last 40 years and the new RFS 2017 presentation video will give anyone a real feel for the ministry of CMA. This DVD depicts all that CMA is from the family fun and fellowship to the servant ministry and world reaching evangelism. Not just for your event booth; get an extra to show during your next family reunion, church get together or block party; let people know what you do with your weekends!
SKU: TP-104 
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