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The Fear of God, A Call to Revival DVD

The Fear of God, A Call to Revival DVD

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I Want America Back!

Roger Wilson, serving on the CMA Board of Directors, encourages us as individuals and a nation to come back to God and once again trust Him, to yet again have a true fear of God and experience the joy that it can bring to our lives. God is still on the throne and He has chosen us to take the message of His true love to the world. Come back to Him, experience personal revival and win America back.
Filmed: West National 2015 Wednesday AM

Have We Lost The Fear of God?

"The enemy of our lives, the Devil, has had thousands of years of coming against God and confusing people and making them take the wrong path. Unless we are obedient to the Holy Spirit how in the world do we think we can outsmart him?" John Ogden Jr., South Central Regional Evangelist, urges us to regain the Fear of God, follow the Holy Spirit and live in expectancy of Revival.
Filmed: West National 2015 Saturday PM

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