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Wealth of Knowledge John Ogden Sr USB

Wealth of Knowledge John Ogden Sr USB

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Wealth of Knowledge
Presented by John Ogden Sr, CEO/Chairman of the Board

"A Wise person is hungry for knowledge"
(Proverbs 15:14, NLT).

USB drive, USB stick, thumb drive, pen drive, jump drive, flash-drive or USB memory, whatever you call it; this little device, one of a series, holds invaluable encouragement, enlightenment, edification, and indisputable evidence of the workings of Christ in the ministry of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Messages shared over the years from the God given wisdom and personal ministry experiences of the leadership will instruct you, inspire you and illustrate the power of the Holy Spirit. Put power in your pocket with this dynamite little package.

The Christian Motorcyclists Association Media Department introduces the first in our new "Wealth of Knowledge" USB series. This compact thumb drive contains 20 classic messages by John Ogden Sr., our CEO/Chairman of the Board, a man of God who listens closely to the Holy Spirit. In this compilation he shares with us some of the invaluable wisdom he gained from the Scriptures over the years.


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