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Don't Let Off the Throttle DVD

Don't Let Off the Throttle DVD

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Don't Let Off the Throttle

Jerod McPherson, Vice President Evangelistic Outreach, commends CMA as an evangelistic army; unique in service, humility, and generosity, but reminds us that the task ahead looms large. It is in our DNA to tell motorcyclists about the love of Christ; not to debate, convince or strong-arm, but to simply tell other bikers what Christ has done for us. We must be aware that there is urgency about our calling. We must not let up, but quickly carry out the task He has assigned to us. "Dear friends, let us expect that God is going to use us, let us have courage and go forward looking to God to do great things" (Dwight L. Moody).

The Gospel of Me

Are we living the Gospel according to me or are we living the Gospel of Christ? Kerry Gibson, Vice President Ministry Development, reminds us the true Gospel of Christ is: that Christ died for our sins, He was buried and raised from the dead and then He was seen by Peter and the twelve, well over 500 hundred, and then Paul himself. Make a commitment to the Gospel, vow to live it out and God will bless that in every way. Focus on the opportunities not the problems and you will see God work in your life and ministry. Are you living the Gospel of You or the Gospel of Christ? If you come to understand, live, and operate in the words of John 3:16-17 you will point people to God, see Him do miraculous things, and everything will fall into place.

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