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8" Pliers with Red Handles

8" Pliers with Red Handles

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Price: $15.00

Product Description:

  • 8" Slip Joint Pliers with Red Handles
  • WILDE Tool - Made in USA
  • Gripped and Polished with Shear/Wire Cutter
  • The Lobster Claw Teeth Design on Wilde Combination Slip Joint Pliers Provides two Gripping Sections, one Extra Wide and one Small
  • The Hardened, Deep, Sharply Cut Teeth Provide Greater Grip and Longer Wear
  • All Pliers have a Hardened Alloy Steel Bolt to Shear for Wire Cutting
  • Pliers Engraved with "Christian Motorcyclists Association" above Handle
  • Great to Have Around your Home or to Give as a Gift
SKU: GM-372
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