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2019 Ministry of CMA USB

2019 Ministry of CMA USB

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Product Description:

NEW! CMA Has developed many tools to present the ministry and Run for the Son. This dynamite little USB thumb drive puts a whole video toolbox in the palm of your hand!

Contents Include:

  • 2019 RFS Presentation Tools with separate Power Point
  • 2019 RFS Full Length Video (8 minutes)
  • 2019 RFS Short Video (4 minutes)
  • What It Takes Delivering Motorcycles Video
  • What It Takes Equipping Pastors Video
  • RFS-1 The first Motorcycle Video
  • "Riding for the Son" Music Video
  • RFS "Thank You" Music Video
  • 2018 CMA Ministry Effectiveness Video
  • Why I Love CMA Video
  • Fast Lane Video
  • CMA Youth Movement Nationally and Locally Video
  • Hope Video
  • History of CMA Video
  • "Herb Shreve Memories; A Tribute to Our Founder" Music Video
  • "40 Years in Pictures" Music Video
  • National/International Support Center, A Video Tour
  • CMA Chapter Showing Love Video
  • CMA Membership Training. Why? Video
  • How To Become a Member Video
  • Help for Struggling Chapters Video
  • CMA Youth Movement Promo Video
Make a professional RFS presentation, show your family and friends what you are involved in, excite new members, or just remind yourself how God has blessed and developed the ministry of CMA over the years.

2019 RFS Presentation USB
2019 RFS Presentation Package DVD
2019 RFS DVD 5 Pack

SKU: TP-129
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