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Member Training Adult Audio/Video USB

Member Training Adult Audio/Video USB

Don't have time to sit down in front of the TV and watch a DVD? Cut the cable and take your training on the road. This new USB contains not only the complete CMA Member Training video sessions but also includes this material in audio form. Anyplace you have a USB input; car, truck, motorcycle or other portable device, you can listen to and complete your training. The Member Training Workbook is included in downloadable PDF form. Simply open in your computer, laptop or tablet, go through the written material, print off the questionnaire, fill it out and send it in. It just doesn't get any simpler than that. Not only will you learn all about the ministry of CMA; its function, mission and vision, but with the inclusion of the Spiritual Growth Course this is material you will want to keep handy to review again and again. This 16GB USB has an additional 6GB of free space you can use to download your other favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

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Product Description:

Member Training USB

The training includes both audio and video based instruction with a downloadable workbook in PDF form. It is divided into 12 audio and 12 video sessions, featuring International and National CMA leaders, each with suggested discussion questions following.

This material includes everything a person needs to know about the foundations of the faith, personal spiritual growth, and motorcycle ministry in preparation for becoming an active functioning member of a local CMA chapter.

  • Adult Audio/Video Set - 1 USB with downloadable PDF Work Book, Application and Questionnaire
Audio/Video Sessions

  1. Welcome to CMA - 12 Minutes
  2. Introduction - 8 Minutes
  3. Your New Life in Christ - 31 Minutes
  4. The Purpose of a CMA Chapter - 21 Minutes
  5. Fellowship - 19 Minutes
  6. Discipleship - 18 Minutes
  7. Prayer - 12 Minutes
  8. Evangelism - 17 Minutes
  9. The Holy Spirit's Power - 13 Minutes
  10. How to Lead Someone to Christ - 22 Minutes
  11. Motorcycle Ministry - 22 Minutes
  12. "Here if You Need Us" - 17 Minutes

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