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Kids Track Day USB

Kids Track Day USB

Track Day

Join Jordan or Daniel as they go to the motocross track with their parents. They have been there before, but they have never truly understood the importance of CMA serving bikers at the track. They will meet a few exciting new friends and will learn a valuable lesson that will last a lifetime.

This animated adventure is available in both English and Spanish. Watch it as a family, show it at church, or share it with other biker families. Jordan and Daniel will never be the same after this adventure, and neither will you!

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Price: $15.00

Product Description:

NEW! Do you want to be a CMA Kid?

Inside this case, you will find an exciting adventure explaining what CMA and following Jesus is all about!

This bonus value USB contains not only the Kids Track Day video featuring Jordan and Daniel in their exciting adventure at the Motocross Track, but also additional printable content. This includes the Kids Activity Book, Pre-School Tract, and Children's Sign Tract.

SKU: TP-142
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