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"If My People" 40 Day Prayer Guide for Our Nation

"If My People" 40 Day Prayer Guide for Our Nation

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  • If My People, A Book Filled with 40 Days of Prayers and Scriptures for our Nation
Since our nation's very first days, God's greatest movements in our midst have been fashioned and sustained by prayer, from the signing of our earliest documents, to our triumphs over days of darkness, to the spiritual awakenings that have sustained our faith and resolve over the centuries. Throughout Scripture and throughout our history as a nation, persistent, prevailing, intentional, and never-ending prayer has always brought the presence of God.
How vast are the possibilities when we pray! Prayer is a wonderful power placed by the Almighty God into the hands of His saints. When we humbly seek His face in prayer, He is moved to act on our behalf and accomplish His desires for us.
And when we seek God in prayer for our leaders, we impact the very direction our nation will take. This forty-day prayer journey is designed to help quicken your prayers, to encourage you to seek God's will for our future, and to continually intercede on behalf of our nation. Prayerfully seek His face every day, believe that your prayers are making a difference, and claim all victory that is and is to come! For there is tremendous power in prayer.

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