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Closer Look Tract

Closer Look Tract

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  • 100 Per Pack
  • When you Look in the Mirror, do You See the Person You Want to be?
  • Take a Closer Look and See What You May Have Passed By.

    SKU: TB-T057



When you look in the mirror do you see the person you want to be, or are you disappointed in the reflection looking back? Have you passed by God during your life? God sees you fulfilled and satisfied, riding the path He designed just for you. He sees you as a great parent, trustworthy worker, and faithful friend.
He envisions you living the life He has planned for you, but most of all He sees you connected to Him in a loving and eternal relationship.
When you take a closer look in the mirror you will see Jesus standing behind you, waiting for you to turn to Him. He can put the right reflection in our mirror if we just humble ourselves and ask Him for forgiveness.
Won’t you take a closer look and see what you have passed by.
 Dear Lord, forgive me for passing You by. I am ashamed at what I see in the mirror. Please forgive my past sins and take me to Heaven when I die. Right now put me on Your perfect path and give me the strength to walk it out every day. Thank You Lord for making me the person You see in my mirror.
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